The Lahon family, originally from Brussels (Belgium), settled in Catalonia in 1994. After a few years, Eric Lahon, the father, fell in love with the world of Spanish wine.

With the aim of deepening his knowledge about wine, he studied and obtained a Master’s degree in Enology and Viticulture (M. Rossell I Domènech School of Viticulture and Enology). This allowed him to dedicate himself professionally to it, being an organizer and taster of the La Vanguardia Club for more than five years.

In the meanwhile, Eric was passing on to his children his passion for wine and the universe that encompasses it, as fascinating as it is complex at the same time. What started as a hobby, became, a few years later, a family project.

The family acquired a small vineyard and what is today Mas Lahon was born, a company dedicated to viticulture, viniculture and commercialization of its wines.


The Mas Lahon vineyard, with some vines up to 100 years old, resides on a small 9.7 hectares estate located 500 meters above sea level and in a privileged area of ​​the Priorat region. Both its microclimate and its soil composed of clay and honeycomb, help to ensure optimal quality of fruits. The native grape varieties grown in our vineyard are white grenache, black grenache and carinyena. These are characterized by resulting in rich, structured wines with intense aromas, but elegant and subtle at the same time.


Mas Lahon is closely linked to one of the wine cathedrals in southern Catalonia: “La Bodega Cooperativa Falset”, a modernist building with almost a century of life and experience, the work of the architect Cèsar Martinell, a disciple and friend of Antoni Gaudí. In it, Mas Lahon wines are produced, cared for and aged, from crushing and pressing to aging in barrels. The result cannot be other than that of a wine with character and a reflection of its land, the Montsant.

Our philosophy


“It is worth remembering that wine is made to be tasted and not to be drunk. It is not necessary to be a professional taster to be able to enter into the intimacy of a wine and appreciate it.”

“Tasting a wine causes sensations that are very difficult to explain and unexpected discoveries.”

“We strongly believe that the magic the grape contains should be allowed to flow to the maximum during the vine growing process. Then, the delicate work in the winery will help us to guide or redirect the process of transforming the grape into wine.”


“Spain is the country with the largest area of ​​vineyards. However, mainly due to the aridity of the climate, the yields per hectare are much lower than those that can be obtained in France or Italy. But, a “low performance” is usually synonymous with “high quality”.”

“If we add to the above: a thousand-year winemaking tradition, a spectacular desire to learn, the integration of cutting-edge technology in the wineries, an exceptional Q&P-P (Quality & Pleasure-Price) ratio, a wide range of wines thanks to a Terroir and regions with different characteristics, etc., it is not difficult to deduce that Spanish wines are destined to succeed.”


“At Mas Lahon we love nature. Our ambition is to produce wines with a strong typicality, always trying to make the most of the magic of grapes.”

“The vinification process of our wines is soft and delicate. In this way, we get them to talk about their Terroir. At least that is our goal.”